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Successful Konbetsasion on the Covenant Before a Packed Assembly Hall

Updated: Mar 29

On March 21, 2024, the Judiciary kicked off its 35th Anniversary celebrations with a Covenant Day Konbetsasion, featuring two members of the Marianas Political Status Commission who negotiated and signed the Covenant 49 years ago. Pedro A. Tenorio and Manuel A. Sablan discussed the priorities and considerations that arose during the Commission’s negotiations with the United States.

Before a packed Assembly Hall at the Guma’ Hustisia, Superior Court Judge Lillian A. Tenorio and Assistant Attorney General Rellani B. Ogumoro also provided valuable insight on public discussion during that period and highlighted some of the unique provisions in the Covenant that set the Commonwealth apart among the U.S. territories. Moderated by NMC President Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero, the Konbetsasion presented an enriching opportunity for the community to come together, celebrate shared heritage, and engage in meaningful dialogue about the Covenant’s significance.

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