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Filing Fees

If electronic file and serve is used, additional costs are imposed, including a $0.75 filing fee paid to the court and any service charges determined by the e-file and serve provider.

Type of Filing
First Amended Complaint
Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus and Any other Applications/ Petitions for Writ
Motion for Reconsideration
Petition to Perpetuate Testimony
Complaint, Petition for Instituting Civil Action, Suit or Proceeding
Motion for Summary Judgment
Third Party Complaint
Second Amended Complaint and Each Subsequent Amended Complaint
Amended Answer(s)
Motion to Dismiss
Violence Against Women Act of 1998 (VAWA) Cases
No fee
Other Motions, Requests, or Filings Not Specifically Designated Above
$25 per motion, including motions in the alternative
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