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Father Duenas Memorial School students observed the Supreme Court appellate session and toured the Guma’ Hustisia during their visit to Saipan in January. They took part in a question and answer session about the justice system with Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro, Justice John A. Manglona, Justice Perry B. Inos, and Guam Chief Justice Robert J. Torres.

From left: Justice John A. Mangloña, Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro, and Justice Perry B. Inos at the 2nd Quarter Oral Arguments held at Rota Centron Hustisia. 

The Supreme Court panel Chief Robert Glass argues before the Supreme Court at the Kotten Tinian on January 19, 2024. From left: Justice John A. Manglona, Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro and Justice Perry B. Inos.

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“Recovery is not for people who need it, it’s for people who want it.” - Drug Court Team Members

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