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Guma Hustisia

CNMI residents are required by law to serve as a juror unless they are under the age of 18, not a U.S. citizen, do not understand English language, and/or have been convicted of a felony and their civil rights have not been restored.  Individuals are randomly selected each year from a source obtained from the CNMI Voter’s Registration.

The Judiciary will endeavor to make your civic duty as a Jury as convenient and rewarding as possible.

General JURY DUTY Information & Frequently ASKED Questions

Juror Hours: Juror hours are 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. unless otherwise informed by court personnel. Please plan to stay the entire day! We suggest you bring reading materials or small projects to pass the time while awaiting assignment to a courtroom.

Lunch Breaks: Jurors have at least one hour for lunch. Jurors are responsible for their own lunch arrangement unless they are deliberating, then the court will be responsible for lunch.  Breaks are announced throughout the day.

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