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Guma Hustisia House of Justice
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2024 Appellate Oral Argument Sessions

  • First Quarter:          January 16 – 26, 2024

  • Second Quarter:      April 15 – 26, 2024

  • Third Quarter:         July 15 – 26, 2024

  • Fourth Quarter:       October 14 – 25, 2024

The 2024 appellate oral argument sessions shall be as follows:



Certain cases may be designated for a hearing on Rota, Tinian, or Saipan in each quarter. Hearings on Rota and Tinian may be scheduled outside the designated oral argument sessions. To ensure that the cases are heard and disposed of at the earliest possible date, the Court will only grant motions to continue oral argument in cases where counsel’s unavailability on the scheduled hearing date is due to illness, death in the family, or upon showing of other good cause. This Order does not supersede a panel’s discretion to address a matter and issue a decision without oral argument as provided for under NMI SUP. CT. R. 34, or to hold a hearing for an emergency motion under NMI SUP. CT. R. 27-1.

SO ORDERED this 17th day of October, 2023.

CJ Castro


Chief Justice

Justice Perry Inos


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