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Law Day Essay and Poster Contest

Updated: May 6

In celebration of Law Week, the NMI Judiciary holds an annual essay and poster contest open to all elementary and middle school students in the Commonwealth. Students on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota were invited to submit an essay or poster that aligns with this year's Law Week theme: Voices of Democracy. This competition encourages students to explore and learn more about the importance of democracy in the CNMI while also promoting creativity and personal expression. The annual contest has been held every spring since 2011, leading up to the Commonwealth's celebration of Law Week every May.

This year, students submitted a total of 39 essays and 67 posters. The winners of this year's essay and poster contest have been selected, and they, along with their teachers, principals, family, and friends, are invited to attend the presentation of awards at the Law Week Ceremony, which will be held on May 1, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the Guma' Hustisia.

The winners of the middle school essay contest are:

First Place: Reese Denise S. Zamora, Dandan Middle School, 8th Grade

Second Place: Zaijan Lorenzo C. Hocog, Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr./Sr. High School, 7th Grade

Third Place: Isabella Sablan, Dandan Middle School, 8th Grade

Honorable Mention: Jamie Andrea Palabay, Green Meadow School, 6th Grade

The winners of the elementary school poster contest are:

First Place: Fiona Yu, Saipan Community School, 4th Grade

Second Place: Dakota Ilek, Kagman Elementary School, 5th Grade

Third Place: Vanity Paulus, Kagman Elementary School, 4th Grade

Honorable Mention: Summer Jaydiss Seman Dela Cruz, Oleai Elementary School, 4th Grade

(First Place Essay Winner)Dan Dan Middle School (8th Grade) Reese Denise Zamora
Download PDF • 78KB
(Second Place Essay Winner)Dr. Rita (7th Grade) Zaijan Lorenzo C. Hocog
Download PDF • 82KB
(Third Place Essay Winner)Dandan Middle School (8th Grade) Isabella Sablan
Download PDF • 88KB
(Honorable Mention Essay Winner)Green Meadow School (6th Grade) Jamie Andrea Palabay
Download PDF • 41KB

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