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Superior Court
Patrick Diaz

Clerk of the Superior Court


Deputy Clerk III

Novelyn Wania-Tenorio

The Office of the Clerk of Court performs a myriad of detailed tasks in support of the Superior Court’s constitutional function. It is the largest division of the Superior Court with three offices located in Saipan, Rota and Tinian.  It maintains the official records for the trial court and is the official recorder of documents for filings and appeals. 

The Office is also responsible for processing traffic clearances, traffic histories, criminal clearances, and bench warrants, as well as the copying and distribution of related court documents.

All civil, criminal, family, small claims cases and agency appeals are initiated and processed by the Office. It is tasked with maintaining case registers and performs certification standards of all documents lodged or filed.  The Office provides the personnel to oversee courtroom management and practices in the Commonwealth’s seven courtrooms.

Patrick V. Diaz joined the Judiciary in 1997 working in the Family Court Division as a Family Court Coordinator. He then served as the Family Court Manager for eight years. In 2012, Presiding Judge Roberto C. Naraja appointed him as Clerk of the Superior Court.

For more information, please contact 670-236-9766, 670-783-8522, or email

STEPS FOR REQUESTING CLEARANCE CHECKS (Criminal Clearances, Traffic Clearances, Traffic History) 


  1. Complete the Clearance Request Form.

  2. Submit a scanned copy of approved forms of ID.

  3. Email copy of all required forms, including a scanned copy of ID to and

(Clerk of Court)

  1. Request will be received by clerks via email. Clerk will review submission if all required forms are complete.

  2. Clerk will process a payment slip to the cashier. Contact the cashier at 670-236-9790 for payment over the phone.

  3. Conduct research for clearance/ history.

  4. Once research is complete, email a copy of the clearance and receipt to requestor and send original to pick up box.


Telephone number
Email Address
Patrick V. Diaz
Clerk of Court
(670) 236-9783
Novelyn A. Wania-Tenorio
Deputy Clerk III
(670) 236-9782 or (670) 783-8522
Rosie Jane T. Ada
Deputy Clerk II
(670) 236-9766 or (670) 783-8417
Brandon H. Delos Reyes
Deputy Clerk I
(670) 236-9773
Mark G. Hidalgo
Data Systems Analyst
(670) 236-9775
Centron Hustisia

Rota Centron Hustisia

Rota Centron Hustisia in Sinapalo was completed in 2005. It houses the Superior Court, Office of Adult Probation Supervision, Office of the Attorney General, Office of the Public Defender, and Department of Public Safety.


Superior Court hearings are held on Rota twice a month, and the Supreme Court periodically holds oral arguments.


Administrative Specialist and

Special Deputy Clerk


Elvira M. Manglona

ARPA Scanning Clerk 


Delia C. Barcinas

Deputy Clerk I


Micca B. King

ARPA Scanning Clerk 


Sherla M. Sablan

​Deputy Marshal I

Kotten Tinian Court House
Kotten tinian

Kotten Tinian

Kotten Tinian opened in 1999, allowing residents to file cases on their home island rather than traveling to Saipan to do so. It is conveniently located in San Jose. It received further technological improvements in 2017 and 2018. Recently, CARES Act provided funds for fiber optic upgrades at Kotten Tinian.

Superior Court hearings are held on Tinian twice a month, and the Supreme Court periodically holds oral arguments. 

Jan Christin

Deputy Clerk I


Bradley P. Lizama

​Deputy Marshal I

Kotten Tinian
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