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MSD Team

Jason T. Tarkong

Chief Marshal

Jesus S. Santos

Deputy Marshal III

Roemar M. Segotier

Deputy Marshal III

Maria M. Tudela

Deputy Marshal l

Jason T. Camacho

Deputy Marshal l

 Jonathan B. Limes

Deputy Marshal l

Matthew O. Iguel

Deputy Marshal l

Jesse Sablan

Deputy Marshal l

Daniel T. Joab

Deputy Marshal l

Sherla Sablan

Rota Deputy Marshal l

Bradley Lizama

Tinian Deputy Marshal l

The Marshals Service Division, established under 1 CMC § 3901, serves as law enforcement officers for the Judiciary. Marshals have the same authority as police officers and are tasked with a number of public safety responsibilities including:​

  • Ensuring general court security to judiciary personnel, participants in court proceedings, and the general public visiting judicial facilities;

  • Providing security for justices and judges on official business beyond the Judiciary grounds;

  • Serving various forms of process such as bench warrants; 

  • Assisting in the transportation of criminal offenders; and

  • Undergoing firearms training and certification to the same extent as the Department of Public Safety.

Marshals Service Division, Office of Adult Probation, and Drug Court Division staff attended the Pacific Judicial Council Court Security training held on Guam. 

Deputy Marshals Roemar Segotier and Maria Tudela attended the Surveillance Detection, Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Detection, Improvised Explosive Device Search Procedure training conducted by FEMA CISA/CNMI HSEM. 

Deputy Marshal III Roemar M. Segotier at the Screening and Security Zone.

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