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Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Reading Program Students Visit Guma’ Hustisia

Saipan, CNMI – Eighty students from Joeten-Kiyu Public Library visited Guma’ Hustisia on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. As part of the library’s Collaborative Summer Library Program, students in grades 1-6 and their chaperones toured various divisions of the Judiciary and spoke with court staff about the justice system. The tour also included a chance to explore the Estorian Hustisia exhibit in the atrium, where the group was able to read about the history of the courts system and view artifacts from throughout the past century.

The students showed their curiosity and enthusiasm during the Konbetsasion with Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro, Justice John A. Mangloña, Justice Perry B. Inos, and Judge Lillian A. Tenorio. They actively engaged by asking questions about each judge or justice and the larger court system. They learned about the differences between the Superior Court and Supreme Court, how good reading and writing skills are integral to being a lawyer or judge. The students asked the justices about their daily lives and what they enjoyed the most about their positions on the bench.

Acting Library Director Vincent Sablan shared that this tour was planned to fit the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s theme “Adventure Begins at Your Library.” “The program participants were able to immerse themselves in the rich historical and cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the islands,” said Sablan. “Through courthouse visits, children gain a profound appreciation for preserving and celebrating indigenous traditions and customs. They also learn about the judiciary's crucial role in safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples and ensuring their voices are heard.”


“These visits serve as powerful tools to enhance children's literacy skills by exposing them to legal vocabulary, real-world applications, and critical thinking,” Sablan added.

For more information on arranging a tour of Kotten Tinian, Rota Centron Hustisia or Guma’ Hustisia, please fill out the courthouse tour request form available online at



JUNE 28, 2024

This press release has been prepared by court staff for the convenience of the public. For further information, contact the Supreme Court at

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