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Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro Visits Rota Schools

On February 5-6, 2024, Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro visited students at Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr. Sr. High School and Sinapalo Elementary School to promote a deeper understanding of the court system. The Justices and Judges in the Classroom, an integral component of the Judiciary’s community outreach, is one of several planned programs leading up to the Judiciary’s 35th anniversary celebration this May.  


Chief Justice Castro discussed the role of justices and the judiciary in upholding the rule of law. He encouraged the students to actively participate in court programs, including the annual Law Day essay-poster contest, moot court, mock trial and Attorney General’s Cup speech competition. 


To celebrate this milestone year, the Judiciary will also be sponsoring a Covenant Day Konbetsasion on March 21 at the Guma’ Hustisia, featuring two members of the Marianas Political Status Commission who took part in the Covenant negotiations. For more information on the Judiciary’s 35th anniversary celebration, visit

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