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35th Anniversary Celebrations Continue with Presentation of Hustisia Award, Unveiling of Official Portraits, and Ribbon Cutting for Historical Exhibition

Updated: May 22

The Judiciary hosted three events Friday, May 17 in Guma’ Hustisia to commemorate its 35th Anniversary: the presentation of the Supreme Court Hustisia Award, the unveiling of official judicial portraits, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new historical exhibition.

Michael A. White, Esq., Supreme Court Hustisia Award

The Supreme Court presented the Hustisia Award to attorney Michael A. White. This award is presented to an individual who has shown dedication to the principles of justice, outstanding expertise in their field, and a commitment to public service. The recipient must have made substantial contributions to the advancement of justice throughout their career, showing a level of dedication above what is required of an attorney or other professional in the normal course of work. Past recipients of the award are Freddie de la Torre and Elizabeth S. Balajadia.

Mr. White has been known across his career for a dedication to community outreach, court collaboration, and professional development. Mr. White is actively engaged in the community, working to improve access to justice and promote legal education and awareness. He consistently volunteers with Judiciary educational programs, serving as a judge for High School Mock Trial and Moot Court. He also volunteers in his free time for local youth sports, particularly as a basketball referee and member of the Micronesian Games Council.

Mr. White is also a leader among attorneys. In addition to being a founding member of the CNMI Bar Association, he has also previously served as the President of the Bar and been an active member of various committees. He has represented the NMI for numerous national and international committees and conferences, most notably as a Delegate for the American Bar Association and Member of the Board of Directors for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society. Mr. White consistently collaborates with the Supreme Court in updating court rules and has supported numerous professional development opportunities throughout the Pacific region. He has demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning and advancement of his profession in the NMI, and the Supreme Court duly recognizes his achievements with this Hustisia Award.

Unveiling of Official Portraits

The Judiciary unveiled official portraits of the four Chief Justices of the Supreme Court: Jose S. Dela Cruz, Marty W.K. Taylor, Miguel S. Demapan, and Alexandro C. Castro. The families of the Chief Justices assisted in unveiling each portrait. The Judiciary then displayed the two official portraits of the courts: one portrait of the five judges of the Superior Court and one portrait of the three justices of the Supreme Court.

Ribbon-cutting of the Judiciary's Timelines and Exhibits

The Judiciary opened a new historical exhibition area in the Guma’ Hustisia atrium, made possible by support from the Judiciary Historical Society. The exhibition features a newly installed timeline, Estorian Hustisia: Justice in the Northern Mariana Islands, which tracks the progress of courts from Spanish control through the modern Judiciary. Also on display is a separate timeline for the three specialized treatment courts, as well as various exhibits containing documents and objects of historical significance. The exhibition opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring justices, judges, members of the Legislature, Judiciary staff, and members of the Historic Preservation Office.

The Judiciary encourages all community members to engage with the historical exhibition in Guma’ Hustisia during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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