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Superior Court Judges

Article IV of the NMI Constitution established the Superior Court as a trial court with original jurisdiction over civil, criminal, and other specialized matters. The court consists of five judges appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to serve an initial six-year term. After the initial term, a judge may undergo a retention election for another term. 

While most trials are held at the Guma’ Hustisia on Saipan, the court also conducts proceedings at the Kotten Tinian and the Centron Hustisia. The court oversees the Superior Court Clerk's Office, Family Court Division, Drug Court, Mental Health Court Docket, and Office of Adult Probation Supervision. The court is committed to provide accessible justice to all. It ensures that indigent criminal defendants have attorneys, litigants with limited English proficiency have interpreters, and parties have an accurate record for appeal to the Supreme Court.

NMI Superior Court Bench

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“Recovery is not for people who need it, it’s for people who want it.” Drug Court Team Members.

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