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The Supreme Court is the court of last resort with the authority to affirm, modify, vacate, set aside or reverse a Superior Court judgment, order or decree. 1 CMC § 3103. Preview the cases pending before the Supreme Court.

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Judy Torres Aldan, Esq.

Clerk of the Supreme Court

Judy T. Aldan assumed her duty as Clerk of Court for the NMI Supreme Court on November 2020.

Prior to joining the Judiciary, she was a staff attorney with the CNMI Law Revision, and an attorney with Torres Brothers, LLC. For several years, she served as the Criminal Justice Program Coordinator and Instructor at Northern Marianas College. She also taught leadership at Keystone Leadership Training Center in Bundang-Gu, South Korea.

Mrs. Aldan received her Juris Doctorate degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and her undergraduate degree from Boise State University. She returned home after completing her studies and joined the CNMI Bar in 2008.


The Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court is Nora V. Borja, who has been with the Judiciary for over 25 years. Mrs. Borja served the former Chief Justice, Miguel Demapan, as his Judicial Assistant before joining the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court in 2012. She is also the Bar Administrator.

Nora V. Borja

Deputy Clerk of Court

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Albia v. Duenas

Supreme Court No. 2021-SCC-0017-CIV

In this case, the Supreme Court must decide whether the statute of limitations was correctly applied to bar Plaintiff Tenorio I. Albia’s lawsuit. In 2018, Albia filed a motion with the Commonwealth Superior Court, seeking to execute on a money Judgment from the United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands that issued against Commonwealth Security Services and George C. Duenas in January of 1996. The trial court denied the motion, citing Albia’s failure to provide notice of service. Later in 2018, a separate probate action was initiated for Duenas’ estate, with Leyalani Lynn Duenas appointed as administratrix. After nearly two years, Albia moved to substitute the estate of Duenas as defendant in lieu of Duenas himself, who had passed away in 2017. The trial court again denied Albia’s motion and also dismissed the case for being outside the statute of limitations. The Supreme Court will now decide whether that dismissal was correct.

Albia v. Duenas is on the calendar for Oral Argument:


Date & Time:    February 1, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

Venue:              Supreme Court Courtroom,

                         Guma’ Hustisia, Saipan

Counsels:         Plaintiff-Appellants

                         Michael A. White           


                         Amici Curiae

                         Brian Sers Nicolas

Panel Members:     Associate Justice John A. Manglona

                               Associate Justice Perry B. Inos

                               Justice Pro Tempore F. Philip Carbullido


Available positions:

Recruitment for the positions begin a year before the position is available. For more information, contact Judy T. Aldan, Clerk of Court for the Supreme Court at